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What does PT do for you?

° helps you lose weight through diet and sport

° improves your overall fitness

° provides endurance oriented cardiovascular training

° treats specific muscles (e.g. to relieve pain in the back)

° improves posture

° improves body toning

° reduces stress


What can you expect?

Real physical achievements with continuous guidance and controlled training as well as the associated additional benefits.



Walking, Biken, Running

We can walk, bike and run alongside you and:

° help you improve your circulatory system

° optimize your heart rate

° help you stimulate fat burning

° improve your stamina and coordination

° enhance your endurance


We can walk and run:

° in parks

° in forests

° on treadmills


We also offer expert advice on purchasing suitable running shoes.

EMS Electrical- Muscle- Stimulation

PT-Simon uses the newly developed EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) which helps:

° body shaping and tightening 

° to build muscle and reduce body fat 

° Performance enhancement for fitness, performance
and recreational athletes

° to reduce pain, such as back pain, and reach deep Muscle groups
(e.g. in the spine and the pelvic area), which are more difficult to reach using traditional training methods

° compensate muscular imbalance

° resolve muscular tensions 

° train all muscle groups at the same time, fast and very effectively

° strengthen tissue and smooth cellulite 


When EMS endorphins are released, you will feel great in just a fraction of the time you would need for a workout!


Vibration Training

How it works and its advantages:

Via mechanical training, from the outside, fat cells are bonded and fat cell membranes are resolved.
The area can then be supplied better and there's an exchange of water or a purification
of this tissue which improves lymphatic drainage.



Boxing for self- defense


° fitness training

° learn to defend and attack

° reduces stress

° builds stamina

° suitable for everybody, regardless of individual strength and ability