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Interview with Ovivo

Interview Ovivo/ PT Simon 2001-05

Interview Ovivo/ PT Simon 2001-05

Rent a trainer – fitness as personal pleasure

Cordelia Schwarzkopf in Interview Personal with trainer Simon Groß


Is there a solution for those of us who want to lose weight but don´t know how to do it?

There are many people who want to keep fit but who always find an excuse for not going to the gym. And there are also many people plagued by stress who are always saying they should do something to help with their backache but who never have time to do so. The answer to continued poor fitness and a chronic guilty conscience is called Personal Training (PT). You employ a Personal Trainer (PT) who works with you on an individual basis and motivates you to exchange your sofa for the treadmill.


What is PT?

PT includes fitness and endurance training, nutrition advice, prevention and relaxation. Everything is done by taking into account the individual needs and wishes of the client. Before this service was only accessible for VIPs and politicians but now everyone can benefit from such a service. Wannabe sportsmen who have so far always let laziness get the better of them will particularly enjoy personal training but its not just for them, it's suited to everyone!

The PT – your private sports coach – compiles a program which is designed according to the client's current fitness level and their fitness goals. Key pillars of the program are individuality, efficiency and flexibility. A PT might pick the client up in the morning for jogging, go swimming with him on his lunch break or drop by for a tennis match in the evening. The client's training program can take place in the office, in the countryside, on the way home from work or in a fitness club.

Due to the fact that this friendly motivator costs a lot of money you won´t cancel your appointment with him. Current national rates for a 60 minute session are between 80 to 150 USD. 2 – 3 sessions per week are recommended. There should be a 10 minute warm up phase, a 40 minute intensive training session and a 10 minute cool down phase as well as extension and relaxation exercises. Everything should be done with joy and enthusiasm and the sessions should be motivating and diverse. Your personal sports coach can help you to ease pains in your joints and muscles, build up your endurance and physical capacity, can assist in competition preparation, and can help you to relieve stress and lose weight. Poor form in exercises will be corrected, and your trainer will make sure they don't exhaust you while at the same time pushing you to work as hard as you can.

A major component in PT is nutrition advice. And a nutrition changeover. For overweight people a change in eating habits is vital. «85 % of training success comes from having the right nutrition» says Simon Gross, a PT from Berlin. This former bodybuilder is a qualified fitness trainer, fitness administrator and nutrition advisor.

He is available Monday to Sunday from 6am to 10pm to all of his clients. One of his clients is Bernd Kindermann (name changed by editorial office). This tax consultant had suffered from backache for years. When nothing else seemed to be able to help him he was refered to Simon Gross. They have now been working together for 6 months and Kindermann is enthusiastic: “My discomfort has faded dramatically and my body feels so much better. He admits he wouldn´t have been able to do this on his own.


What does a good PT offer?

The term personal trainer isn´t protected. A qualified sports coach should therefore hold a training licence. On top of the licence they should be a member of a national fitness association (like the Bundesverband Deutscher Personal Trainer e.V.). Having studied sport or holding a degree in fitness administration (CCI) is recommended as this proves an in-depth knowledge of the trade. After all you wouldn't let someone from the street operate on you just because he was wearing a doctor's coat. On top of a profound knowledge of the trade, and a fit body, your PT should also stay mentally fit. Self- improvement is a matter of course. Your PT should also be up-to-date and use the latest appropriate training methods.

Last but not least the appearance of your PT can help you make the right PT choice. The right sports coach enjoys sports and knows how to motivate his clients at any time. He safeguards the interests of his clients, respects physical boundaries and is sympathetic to any of his trainee's concerns and worries.

A good PT usually offers a free sample training and arranges this appointment without obligation. In difficult cases he does not appear like Doctor Know-All but calls on a doctor for medical advice. Before starting anything he will carry out a fitness test in order to create an appropriate training program and form a realistic target for the client. This fitness test will include of a physical test as well as a questionnaire about the client's medical history and any current discomfort and aches in the body.


Interview with PT Simon:

Simon Gross works as a PT in Berlin. The 31 year old started working out at the age of 15. Later he became a successful bodybuilder. For several years he has been working as a PT for private clients. Simon Gross is a qualified fitness trainer and nutrition advisor. At present he is studying at CCI for a degree in fitness administration. Ovivo talked to the experienced PT.


Ovivo: What´s the difference between a Personal Training and a training in a gym?

PT Simon: Most of the trainers in gyms don´t have a lot of time and aren´t skilled enough to be able to minister individually to their clients and to help with motivation. PT offers direct care in accordance with the One-by-One principle.

Ovivo: Who are the clients who can afford a PT?

PT Simon: Generally more men than women opt for PT. Most of them are wealthy people. Most of my clients are self- employed: lawyers, tax consultants etc.. Most of them would like to go for gym but always find excuses not to go. Or they aren´t very involved in training when they work out alone. Often they quicky become a non- active gym member. For most of my clients motivation lies in a fixed appointment. When you have an appointment you also keep it.

Ovivo: How do you test the fitness of your clients?

PT Simon: All my new clients have to fill out a questionaire first. After that I test their coordination and flexibility in a gym. I developed the questionnaire on my own. I am continually refining it. If possible I also analyse the blood picture and ECG. In complicated cases I call in medical advice from several doctors. I always ask people with medical conditions to consult with a doctor prior to starting training. Of cause I also expect my clients to be honest with me and to keep me updated on any health problems or conditions.

Ovivo: How do you rate the importance of advice in the rôle of a PT?

PT Simon: 85% of success is based on the right nutrition. Because of this nutrition advice is really important. That´s why I try to start a nutrition changeover pretty fast. After about 2 weeks I also include a drinking plan so that my clients are also consuming the required amount of fluid. The first results start to appear after about 5 weeks. My clients then start to notice weight loss and muscles definition.

Ovivo: Where can a prospective client get more information?

PT Simon: You can find out more about me and my services on my webpage.