Interview with Wellness Soulution

Interview Wellness Solutions / PT-Simon am 11.08.2004

Interview Wellness Solution / PT Simon Wednesday 2004-08-11

The « personal trainer » (PT) is an established profession in the US. Hollywood stars and VIPs as well as managers and housewives have discovered the benefits of an individual and tailored training session. Though the costs may at first seem high with the right PT programme you can achieve fantastic results making this service well worth the investment. Wellness Solution (WS) talked to PT Simon Gross about the possibilities and developments in Europe, especially in Germany.


WS: Mr. Gross, is PT really a solid component of the fitness branch or just a temporary fashion which will soon fade?

SG: No, it's not just a fad. Though of course you are right. Things which come quickly often go quickly as well. But the PT branch is not a temporary trend, it has been a slow and continuous development.

WS: But why might someone need a PT when the bigger and better fitness clubs already offer their members their own fitness trainers? Surely fitness checks and individual help have nowadays become standard?

SG: I have to say that from my experience, and that of many others I've spoken to, the situation you have described isn't entirely accurate. Most of the so called «club trainers», especially those from the bigger and better clubs, only know about personal training by reading about it. Sometimes they don't even say hello properly.

WS: Okay, but the latest fitness machines are pretty easy to use thanks to their easy to understand manuals. Is a PT really necessary?

SG: Fitness machines only offer a limited work out. They segregate muscle groups and offer scarcely any training for the encompassing musculature. Plus, fitness machines quickly become boring. Both body and mind quickly get used to these machines. The muscle stimuli stagnates and so the individiual is quickly demotivated.

WS: How can a PT help with this problem?

SG: I've developed a special sheet for my clients which helps to keep me informed on their individual strengths and, even more importantly, their weaknesses. The questionnaire is really comprehensive and so it gives me an overall view of their capabilities and training targets. In other words I analyse their present state and then, together with the client, we compile an optimal work out and nutrition program.

WS: Nutrition? Is nutrition controllable? In this fast paced and stressful time aren't our habits too rigid to be changed?

SG: 75 % of weight reduction is based on having the right nutrition. Part of the PT's rôle is to make this clear to the client and to put this into practice via an optimized nutrition plan. Even the clients who don´t want to reduce their weight still have to eat a balanced diet. There is a lot of ignorance around this topic.

WS: What else should a customer or client expect from his PT? What other services does a PT offer?

SG: It's a full-scale service, from A - Z. Weight reduction, anti-stress training, stabilizing heart circulation system, nutrition advice, boxing or body transforming these are just a few of the elements you should expect a good PT to offer.

WS: Last question: How do you think the fitness and wellness field is going to develop in the next 5 years?

SG: Health and wellness are, in times of cuts to public health funding, of more importance than ever. In my opinion we are just at the beginning of a huge period of development. Prevention is better than cure. And on top of that, it can also be a lot of fun.