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Place Massage / PT

Where can I have the training or the massage?

Anywhere you want: home, office, hotel or gym.

Training frequency

How often should I train?

Between 1- 5 hours per week, depending on the target.

Massage frequency

How often should I have a massage?

As often as you like.


How much does it cost for a personal trainer?

Prices will be discussed at the first appointment.

Training at home

Do I need to bring anything for training at home?

No, we will bring all the necessary equipment.


How can I make an appointment?

You write an e-mail or call me and we can arrange an appointment.

Prescribed massages

Can I use prescribed massages for you to redeem?

Unfortunately not, my services are about prevention

Collective invoice receipt

Can I have a receipt?

Yes, of course, at the end of every month.


What happens if I cancel an appointment?

If the cancellation is: 24 hrs before its free of charge.

Up to 2 hrs before, we charge 50% of the total amount.

Less than 2 hrs before, we charge the total amount.

Injury / Massage

If I have an injury, can I still have a massage?

Yes, of course, we just don’t massage the injured parts of the body.